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Fluoride Treatment

by Adriana Jaramillo DDS & Carlos A Jaramillo IV

Fluoride is a mineral that is found in many things we eat or drink. It is nature’s way of helping prevent cavities.

Professional strength (in-office) and low strength (home) fluorides play an important role in helping maintain the health of your teeth. In the lifelong fight against cavities and tooth loss, both adults and children benefit from in-office and home fluoride treatment.

Professional strength fluorides make teeth stronger and even heal weakened areas. The high level of fluoride provided by the treatment is gradually released from the teeth. Home treatments help maintain therapeutic fluoride levels in your teeth for longer periods of time. Professional and home fluoride treatments complement each other in the lifelong fight against cavities.

Everyone can benefit from professional fluoride treatment. Those suffering from low levels of fluoride or who are at greatest risk for cavities include patients that:

  • Have no fluoride in their drinking water, either now or as a child
  • Drink filtered or bottle water
  • Have receding gums or a history of gum disease
  • Have multiple fillings and/or crowns
  • Have a strong family history of decay
  • Have a dry mouth (such as from medications or breathing through their mouth)
  • Currently wear orthodontic braces
  • Have sensitivity to cold or touch
  • Use home whitening products
  • Have limited hand dexterity
  • Use chewing gum, lozenges or hard candy with sugar between meals, or strong breath mints
  • Visit their dentist irregularly
  • Currently undergoing or have a history of chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • Suffer from acid reflux
  • Sip on beverages throughout the day (other than water)
  • Use tobacco products of any type
  • Grind teeth frequently
  • Floss less than once per day

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